Greats of the Game: EA's Latest FIFA Promo

Explore EA's Ultimate Team mode with the thrilling Greats of the Game promotion, featuring legendary players for Euro 2024 and Copa America. Discover standout players, their ratings, and the potential OVR boosts. Unveil the allure of Icons and Heroes in special packs, adding strategi


The Ultimate Team mode in EA's popular football game has introduced the exciting Greats of the Game promotion, aligning with the anticipation for Euro 2024 and Copa America festivities.

Let's delve into the key aspects of the Greats of the Game promotion, covering its mechanics, standout players, and their respective ratings.

Following the wrap-up of TOTS, EA has shifted its focus to the upcoming Euro 2024 and Copa America by launching the Greats of the Game content in Ultimate Team. This eagerly awaited promotion made its debut on a Friday, precisely on June 7, at 10 am PST, which is also 1 pm ET and 6 pm BST.

Greats of the Game Overview

The FC 24 Greats of the Game promotion highlights legendary players who have made their mark in historic competitions. These players will be eligible for OVR enhancements if their home countries achieve specific milestones in upcoming Euro and Copa America tournaments.

Player Nation OVR
Rivaldo Brazil 97
Kenny Dalglish Scotland 97
Nemanja Vidic Serbia 96
Joan Capdevila Spain 96
Peter Schmeichel Denmark 96
Antonio Di Natale Italy 96
Michael Ballack Germany 95
Davor Suker Croatia 95
Diego Forlan Uruguay 95
Gheorghe Hagi Romania 95
Pavel Nedved Czech Republic 94
DaMarcus Beasley United States 94

Featured Players and Upgrades

The Greats of the Game promotion introduces a total of 12 players featured in special packs. This elite group consists of eight Icons and four Heroes, each bringing their own legacy to the game.

During the Team of the Season (TOTS) event, a similar trend was observed where each player card, barring those of the Goalkeepers, was enhanced with three distinct PlayStyles+, adding strategic depth to gameplay.

Moreover, the upgrade mechanism within the Greats of the Game offers the potential for players to receive a maximum of two OVR (Overall Rating) boosts. Additionally, an extra PlayStyle+ can be unlocked for these players, provided their respective national teams achieve the set performance criteria.

Path to Glory Comparison

The Ultimate Team roster welcomes the Path to Glory series, a concept mirroring the Greats of the Game initiative. While the latter celebrates Icons and Heroes from historical tournaments, Path to Glory shifts the focus to present-day players, marking the primary distinction between the two collections.

Closing Remarks

The Game's Greats promotion is brimming with legendary players; which ones are you looking to add to your roster? Share your top picks with us in the comment section!

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