Euro 2024 Icon & Hero Cards Revealed in FC 24 Leak!

Leaked images reveal the official card designs for the Euro 2024 Icon and Hero players in FC 24. Prominent leakers have showcased the vibrant card designs, hinting at an upcoming Euro 2024 Ultimate Team promotion. Fans anticipate in-game updates to include a dedicated tournament mode and a


Leaked images have revealed the official card designs for the Euro 2024 Icon and Hero players in FC 24, as EA gears up to honor the forthcoming tournament in the Ultimate Team mode.

We're set to explore the freshly leaked card aesthetics and delve into every aspect of the anticipated Euro 2024 promotional event. Join us as we delve into the details!

Leaked Card Designs

Excitement is mounting among the FC 24 community as prominent leakers have revealed what appears to be the authentic card designs for the Euro 2024 Icon and Hero player items anticipated to debut in Ultimate Team.

  • Trusted sources like @AsyFutTrader, @Fut_scoreboard, and @DonkTrading have taken to social media to showcase the design of these cards.
  • The leaks suggest that Icons and Heroes will be included in an upcoming Euro 2024 Ultimate Team promotion, although an official announcement from EA Sports has not yet been made.

Acknowledgment: @DonkTrading

  • The card designs boast a vibrant mix of blue, white, red, and gold hues.
  • Decorative elements such as ribbons and confetti are prominent in the design.
  • The iconography on the cards seems to exude a distinctly French flair.

Card Design Details

Promo and Update Expectations

As anticipation builds for the upcoming in-game update to FC 24, fans are eagerly awaiting the Euro 2024 features that will soon be integrated into the game. While specifics are scarce, there's a strong likelihood that the update will include elements such as a dedicated tournament mode, akin to the one enjoyed by players in FIFA 23 during the World Cup.

The Ultimate Team mode is also expected to receive a fresh infusion of content, although EA Sports has yet to unveil their full plans. However, recent leaks hint at an exciting prospect for players: the opportunity to bolster their teams with an array of exceptional Icon and Hero cards. The exact nature of these additions remains a mystery, but the potential for enhancing squads with legendary players is generating considerable buzz within the gaming community.

Community Engagement

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Euros update in FC 24? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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