Complete Guide: Flashback Etienne Capoue 93-Rated SBC in FC 24

FC 24's TOTS La Liga event unveils an SBC for a 93-rated Etienne Capoue from Villareal, commemorating his outstanding seasons. The guide offers steps to complete the SBC and an estimated cost of 75k to 80k coins. Capoue's attributes include impressive ratings in pace, shooting,


In the recent Team of the Season (TOTS) event for La Liga in FC 24, a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) has been unveiled featuring a 93-rated version of Etienne Capoue from Villareal. This SBC honors his exceptional performance from past seasons. Here's a detailed guide on how to finish the SBC and the estimated cost to acquire the player.

  • FC 24's TOTS La Liga celebration introduces a special SBC for Etienne Capoue, who boasts a 93 rating.
  • The SBC commemorates Capoue's impressive season with Villareal from previous years.
  • We provide a comprehensive breakdown of the steps needed to complete the SBC.
  • An estimation of the financial commitment required to unlock the player is also included.

Player Links and Synergy

Following closely on the heels of the Angel Correa Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players now have the opportunity to integrate both talents into their team. The French midfielder Etienne Capoue not only complements Correa on the pitch but also boasts strong chemistry with players from the Liga F due to his nationality, allowing for a harmonious blend in squad-building endeavors.

Player Attributes Overview

This player card features impressive attributes, including an 87 in both Pace and Shooting, a remarkable 90 in Passing and Dribbling, a solid 91 in Defending, and a robust 90 in Physicality. These well-rounded statistics contribute to the player's ability to effectively cover ground from one end of the pitch to the other as a versatile box-to-box midfielder.

SBC Requirements

Unlock the Flashback Etienne Capoue Special Player Card by completing a single Squad Building Challenge (SBC). Here are the specifics you need to meet:

  • Include at least one player from LaLiga in your squad.
  • Ensure your team has a minimum overall rating of 88.

Cost and Value Assessment

The exclusive reward for completing this Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is the player card.

Expect to spend in the vicinity of 75k to 80k coins to complete the SBC, with the exact cost subject to market variations at the moment of purchase. Considering the cost-to-quality ratio of the player, it seems to be an exceptional deal. Feel free to share in the comments if you're considering adding this player to your squad.

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