Complete Guide: End of an Era Thiago Silva SBC - Costs & Rewards

The article introduces the introduction of the FC 24 End of an Era Thiago Silva SBC, highlighting the player's special card and its attributes. It provides detailed SBC requirements and rewards for each segment, with squad ratings and specific player inclusions. The estimated complet


The Ultimate Team season is culminating with the arrival of the Ultimate TOTS squad, featuring the most exceptional TOTS players in pack form.

In conjunction with this celebration, EA has introduced a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) to honor Thiago Silva's tenure at Chelsea, with the Brazilian defender being awarded a special End of an Era card.

Following the announcement that Thiago Silva will depart from Chelsea when the season concludes, EA has launched a unique SBC for the player, bestowing upon him an End of an Era card to commemorate his contributions.

As Silva is anticipated to make his return to Brazilian Serie A, his presence in the forthcoming FC 25 will be missed, thus he has been granted this special End of an Era item in Ultimate Team.

Thiago Silva's End of an Era Card Highlights

Thiago Silva's latest card boasts an impressive 95 overall rating, enhanced by stellar attributes like 90 speed, 88 in playmaking ability, 87 agility and ball control, a formidable 97 in defensive skills, and a robust 93 physicality, securing his spot among the elite defenders in the game.

Additionally, Silva comes equipped with three advanced PlayStyles+, namely Jockey, Power Header, and Anticipate, further elevating his in-game performance.

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To successfully complete the FC 24 End of an Era Thiago Silva SBC, you'll need to meet various squad requirements and will be rewarded with different player packs for each completed challenge. Here are the criteria and rewards for each segment:

  • For the first segment, include at least one TOTS or TOTW player in your starting lineup and ensure the team has a minimum overall rating of 85. Completing this will earn you a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second segment requires at least one player from Chelsea and one TOTS or TOTW player in your starting eleven, with the team's overall rating at least 86. You'll be rewarded with a Premium Electrum Players Pack.

  • The third challenge involves having at least one Brazilian player in your starting lineup and achieving a team overall rating of 87. A Jumbo Premium Gold Pack is the reward for this section.

  • For the fourth segment, you must have at least one Premier League player in your starting 11 and a minimum team overall rating of 88. You'll receive a Prime Electrum Players Pack upon completion.

  • The fifth segment solely requires your team to have an overall rating of 89, and the reward for accomplishing this is a Premium Gold Players Pack.

  • Finally, the sixth and last segment demands a team with a minimum overall rating of 90. Successfully assembling this squad will grant you a Rare Electrum Players Pack.

Remember, each squad you submit will be permanently exchanged for the corresponding reward, so plan your team-building carefully to optimize your resources.

Costs and Completion

Upon successful completion of the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players have the opportunity to acquire the End of an Era Thiago Silva card. This allows them to bolster their Ultimate Team with the skilled Brazilian defender. The estimated expenditure for this particular SBC is approximately 482,000 FUT coins.

Are you planning to undertake this SBC to enhance your team? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comment section!

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